"When I was a child I played with childish things. Now that I am a man I still play with childish things, just bigger more expensive ones..."

Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Lighter Side

I've just spent another 4 hours painting up some more of my Swordmasters of Hoeth so today i've decided to put up another of my previous units that me and Charlotte photographed the other night.

One thing i've always liked about the GW hobby is that in the midst of the seriousness of the fluff there is time for humour and models with a lighter approach.  No unit conveys that better for me than the night goblins.  Below is one of the core units in my Orc and Goblin force and also one of the most successful batch and speed painting projects i've carried out thus far.

.... this whole unit probably took me less time than 1 swordmaster!