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Monday, 7 March 2011

Match Report: Orcs 2 - 1 Khermi

This weekend the Orcland Raiders took on their second team of the last few weeks, once again it would be a tough battle as this time the mummies of the Khermi team came out to play.

The Orcs started with the ball right away set about opening up half of the mummy line. By the time the thrower was in place no fewer than 5 orcs were littered about as possible recipients.  But true to form this particular thrower can always find a way to screw it up,  in this case fumbling the pass such that it landed in between 3 of the Khermi mummies. By the time the undead noticed though one of the teams valiant goblins had stepped forth first dodging into their midst and then managing to complete a pass to his waiting buddy.  1-0 to the Orcs.

With only a few turns to the half the Khermi team knocked it up a gear.  Whilst their thrower worked the ball down the flank, the rest of the team set about exterminating the greenskins.  Ultimately the Orcs would hold them out before the clock ran down but when the dust settled 3 of the Raiders, including 2 Blockers were in with the team doctor.

Khermi started the second half with the ball, a touchdown behind but with a substantially weakend Orc team in front of them.  They set about picking up where they'd left off with a slow but solid march for the goal line combined with a vicious level of violence.  It would take them 6 turns to eventually get the ball into the endzone and tie the game. During that time they had fought off an attempted Goblin sack but had also dealt vicious damage. 2 blockers and a lineman were out for the count and 2 of the 3 goblins that had started the match were now watching fro the big dugout in the sky.

Orcland held the ball,  only 8 players on the pitch and just 3 turns to try to either snatch victory or stave off defeat.  Both teams lined up aggressively and waited for the kick.  Lady luck certainly stepped in at this point with touchback for the Orcs.  Putting the ball into the hands of a flanking Goblin with his blitzer buddy the two of them exploded towards the endzone as the rest of their line tried to hold up the mummies.  Just one Khermi player made it to attempt a vital blitz but was just unable to make it connect. With a last gasp sprint in the 7th turn the Orcs managed to pull off a vital 2nd touchdown from a situation that had looked very dire just 3 turns before.

The Orcs were left to celebrate their first win,  whilst the Khermi team simply admired how few Orcs were left to celebrate.