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Thursday, 17 March 2011

To Busy Playing To Write

A whole week and no blog update?  Normally a disaster but in my case its actually been down to the fact that the free time I have had has been spent playing the games rather than writing about them. So first things first - results time:

Bloodbowl: Orcland Raiders 2-1 Khemri
A great game in which the Orc's faced off against a very tough Khemri team. The Undead managed to inflict  serious casualties but those Orcs that remained managed to benefit from a late touchback to steal the game.

Warhammer: Orcs Alliance vs Skaven Horde  (Drawn)
A joint Orc force took on a Skaven horde in a mixed game. Both sides saw a flank collapse leaving the 2 remaining sides facing off but unable to resolve the encounter before night fell.

Bloodbowl: Orcland Raiders 1-1 Khemri
A rematch saw Khemri continue their aggressive tactics but ultimately were left frustrated by the ability of the Orcs to adapt to a non physical game. The Raiders pulled ever trick they had to try to steal victory but the same luck that handed them their 2-1 win a week before denied them.

Which turns us to the next game on the list. This Sunday a horde of Orks face a Regiment of Chaos and a combined force of Grey Knights and Imperial Guard.  The objective is to get in one last game with the Grey Knights old codex and we thought we may as well make it a biggie.  More news next week including how i get on at building some papercraft proxy's for my 5 Super Heavy tanks.

Painting Progress:
6 Orcland Raiders are now painted. A full team photo will be out in due time.