"When I was a child I played with childish things. Now that I am a man I still play with childish things, just bigger more expensive ones..."

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Werewolves, Wardancers and the most useless Thrower in the world

FIrst off,  there was a Apocalypse game over the weekend, it was good, there was much distruction and much to digest but thats for a another day...

In the mean time i've been playing bloodbowl matches at a rate of 2 a week. With such a high rate discussion has already switched to the starting of a league. But first off here's the latest results:

Orcland Raiders 1 - 1 Necromantic
As the game opened the Orc had clearly underestimated the speed and aggression of the necromantic team and in particular their star werewolves. Within moments the werewolves and ball were steaming towards the endzone for a very early opener. Thankfully Orc guile (read brutality) was able to get enough players across to block the advance. The two sides battled for most of the half but eventually the Undead got in. The Orcs were left with little time to redress the balance but tried nonetheless albeit unsuccessfully.  In the second half the Orcs did what they do best and a clever double advance forced the Necromantic defender to pick a direction. Inevitably the Orcs then pushed the uncovered side and a Goblin thrown deep into the enemy half was able to take the ball into enemy turf. It fell to a nearby Blitzer to pick up the ball and run it into the endzone for the tie though. With only a few turns left the last part of the game was a desperate scrabble around the halfway mark but neither side could control the ball long enough to score and the game ended 1-1.

Orcland Raiders 1-1 Wood Elves

The Orcs took to the field against the veteran Wood Elf coach and for the first time in a long time were the clear aggressors. The Orcs opened their scoring account early with a passing play set up by the holes opened by the sturdy greenskin lines, but it was clear the elven speed was going to be an issue all day. As the second drive opened it looked like an equaliser was not far away however as with the Necromantic team a few days earlier a late sweep across the pitch allowed the Raiders to pin the advance against the side of the pitch. This time it was even more successful and the Orcs soon had the ball again but alas with not enough time to quite make it to the endzone, 1-0 at the half.  The Elves had shown uncharacteristic clumsiness in the first half, but in the second half this was fixed and only moments in a tie score was registered. With plenty of time on the clock still both teams setup for the final push. The Orcs were soon able to get the ball under control but despite their efforts to get the it walked up the pitch in a tight cage the Wood Elf Wardancers repeatedly leapt into contact with the carrier.  As the final whistle  approached a hole opened and the elves went for a late throw but to no avail. 1-1 at full time