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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Themed Armies..... That Work! (Part 2)

Last time I demonstrated how I evolved the back-story of my Orc and Goblin army to successfully include some of the latest kits and add bolster my tactical weaknesses, all without invalidating the theme of a Night Goblin force. This time I'm going to look at one of the most common stumbling blocks I've observed in the themed armies i've seen: Chaos Gods.

GW have increasingly been trying to write both WA Chaos Warriors and Codex Chaos Space Marines to portray these force as neutral with only a few zealots in each force giving themselves over to a specific god. However in reality the majority of players do gravitate towards one of the four and this can cause some tactical problems, especially within 40K where doing so rules out the specialty troops of the other three. In my case I found opting to build my army around a coven of wayward sorcerers gave me the freedom I wanted. A Nurgle Sorcerer represented the core army with Fabius Bile and the Aspiring Sorcerer from a Thousand Sons squad making up the other two members and this combination pretty much opened all the doors I wanted including the added bonus of some undead theming:

The decaying creature let out a ferocious wail as it threw itself against the bars of its cell.
"Impressive..... although unless you can control them I'm not sure of what use they will be"
At-Kep turned from the observation platform and walked back to where his host was carefully working. As he did he muttered a further incantation to further bolster the protective field around him.
"Still don't trust me I see" commented the tall figure.
"Just a matter of personal safety Bulgus, should even one of your many contagions make it through to me, my lord Tzeentch would lose another servant to your putrid master"
"Yes, yes he would" smiled Bulgus "Although it might take him a while to realise, i've gone to great pains to shield our endeavours from even his gaze."
At that moment the small of ozone filled the room and the pair spun round to face a growing disturbance.
"The fool!" cursed Bulgus "I gave him clear co-ordinates"
"Maybe he wasn't convinced of your intent, perhaps he suspected they were a trap and decided to pick his own transport location" mussed At-Kep.
"He should have picked more wisely then!" retorted Bulgus as the pair now looked down into the cage where the disturbance had begun to solidify into the forms of six figures.
With a snap the light faded and all sound briefly left the room. Almost before they could be fully comprehended the figures leapt forward at the creatures within the cage. Bestial howls, the sound of blades whistling through the air and the unmistakeable crackle of energy filled the room for a moment and then all was still once more.
"Thats quite a welcome" hissed the central figure as the five terminators regrouped in a ring around him, each carefully clearing their lightening claws of decaying flesh as they did so  "Though it seems your creatures are far from ready, its a good job you summoned me".
"So it would seem" glowered Bulgus "Lets hope you live up to your reputation Fabius, come we have work to do".

Fundamentally one thing to keep in mind with Chaos is that its a force not known for its adherence to rules or loyalty, after all each of these warriors have already betrayed their master once when they turned so its not a huge leap that they would still do this.  As seen in both examples building an army around two or more leaders that have found common cause is often a good hunting ground, although their are many other possibilities too.

Hopefully this has inspired you to either expand your themed army a bit more, or add a theme to an eclectic force, either way happy collecting.