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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Weekend of Painting

Success!  As mentioned on Friday one of this weekends of objectives was to get my 1500pt Vampire Counts army fully painted ahead of the game on Saturday evening.  I'm delighted to say that thanks to a day of hard work and a slightly delayed start time I was successful.   I'll go into further details in a later article with some images taken throughout the process as well as images of the finished units.

In the mean time I've moved on to work on a 20 strong unit of Night Goblin archers as well as building up my Paladin unit for my Grey Knights.... momentum is there and being capitalised on.

However at the forefront of my mind is that this week my new Savage Orc Warboss should arrive courtesy of Avatars of War. There is a great choice of greenskins from these guys and all in the right GW proportions. I was particularly drawn to this one though as it had that a certain extra something that really got across the point of the general being the biggest and meanest of the bunch.