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Monday, 26 March 2012

Pre Heresy Blood Angels

For a long time now the beginnings of my pre-heresy army has been sitting there waiting for me to pick a chapter to assign to them.  Originally they had been intended to be Dark Angels,  but black is a bitch to paint and after a while that plan was shelved.  Recently they have been through the cycle of Ultramarines, Iron Hands, Death Guard, Ultramarines again,  each time without any real progress happening (couple of test paints done but thats about it).

Well after many months of deliberation, I've now started to pursue a new plan for them and so far, so good. My trusty Mk II and Mk III marines are destined to become a pre-heresy Blood Angel army.

I'm basing the style off of this below picture with a more 'reddy' base armour colour and also a far heavier emphasis on gold trim rather than the black. The first model is underway and hopefully will be revealed soon.