"When I was a child I played with childish things. Now that I am a man I still play with childish things, just bigger more expensive ones..."

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Waiting Waiting Waiting

Its been a week of waiting for those of us in my hobbying group, our local stockist still hasn't got any new stuff in, our expert painter still hasn't got her paints and worst of all my Blood Angels codex hasn't arrived!

So we've filled the time by gaming, and those week saw the opening round of out 1500pt fixed list fantasy knockout. My own opening match saw my vampires take on a Warriors of Chaos army and subsequently be beasted by them resulting in a tabling in just 3 turns  (yes that is possible!).

On the upside said same Warrior of Chaos army proved a vital ally in a 2v2 game as we successfully took out some High elves and Empire

What have we learned here?