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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Alpha Legion Paint Recipe

Been asked how I do the models for the Alpha Legion so here is my current approach

1) Spray with chaos black
2) Spray with leadbelcher or brush with ironbreaker. The citadel leadbelcher spray can is actually the same shade as ironbreaker in their pot.
3) leave 48 hours to let it properly dry in
4) thin layer of pentarts metallic teal applied using a drybrush
5) tidy up details with ironbreaker
6) gehenas gold for bronze details
7) wash with 50\50 larmian medium and drakenhoff nightshade
8) redetail main armour in pentarts metallic teal
9) relayer bronze with gehenas gold.
10) seraphim sepia on bronze details if they are large and need it
11) very very lightly build up a drybrush of ironbreaker to highlight the metals and add weathering. This also softens the blues. Make sure the brush is super dry and light with paint.

Warning, this scheme didn't really look right till the final stage. You need to be brave and stick with it :)