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Monday, 24 January 2011

Battle Report - 23/01/11 - Orks vs Chaos Space Marines

My Iron Warriors backed up by some Nurgle troops took on Charlottes Ork Mek army.  The battle represented a chance for both of us to try out some of our Christmas gifts.  In my case my Plague hulk lumbered forward, in her case is was the debut of the Grot Tank regiment.

After a good start from the chaos boys things started to go drastically wrong. The Grot tanks and supporting Killer Kan units both mangaed to absorb ore punishment than expected whilst the later delivered a crippling blow to my Plague Hulk. Things went from bad to worse as the rallying remants of a Kommando unit then surged into the back of the Chaos lord and his terminator bodygaurd, wiping them out as a the Chaos boys tried to withdraw from combat. All the while the Orks big guns pounded the lines undiscriminating pulping marine and Ork alike.

As the game closed and the remnants of both armies scrabbled for victory, the dark forces found themselves heavily outnumbered. At the finish it was the Orks who had won the day leaving the Chaos force to reflect on a hard learnt lesson of just how dangerous the greenskins are late in the game.