"When I was a child I played with childish things. Now that I am a man I still play with childish things, just bigger more expensive ones..."

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Inspiring Parts

Its fairly common to be inspired by a single model. You see a tank, commander, monster or even a specific unit and suddenly your mind starts swimming with ideas and ways you could use it.  It happens to me alot which is probably why I have so many half started armies and all but about 3 of the codex's!

This morning was another one of those moments,  i've been building a set of Iron Warrior Close-Combat terminators.  I'd wanted to go a bit different to the normal chaos fare so I used a loyalist terminator close combat squad kit as the basis.  Removing all the Imperial Eagles was an obvious step but i wanted to do something a bit more to make them 'Iron Warrior'.  The answer came form a set of Steam Knight heads from Maxmini,  which i finally got my hands on this morning.

I'll say right away that these heads are superb.  Cheap as anything and as good a quality resin bit as anything you'll get from Forgeworld.  Admittedly its taken them over a week to get here and anyone who wants to squeeze them into a terminator head slot should ready themselves for some trimming, but if you want a really interesting alternative for your space marines then this is the way to go!   Pre-hearasy collectors will certainly enjoy them too!

Well thats fine but then my mind got to thinking....  I've had a dark angel army sat boxed for a while now. It's a mix of the remnants of my old DA army from my teens,  the Black Reach models and a couple of models I got recently to top them up.  Its been on hold for a while because i was struggling first with the green armour then with the bone white for the deathwing.  Eventually it got shelved while i worked on my chaos.  But now because of these heads the spark of inspiration has started.  Pre-hearasy... Dark Angels ... Already lots of Chaos Marines though...... Fallen!  Now where did I put that black paint! ;)