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Friday, 28 January 2011

Real Character

Any of my regular opponents will tell you that its very rare for me to include a named character in a normal game. This is in part because I like to save them for fitting encounters, but more because I prefer my leaders to be something a bit more unique.

Last weekend I my Tyberos model turned up and I immediately set about converting and painting him over to an Iron Warrior warlord. This all went very well (and as soon as I get a decent picture i'll get it posted up), but next comes the tricky bit: how to try to make him more of a 'character' within the rules

In this case I started with a Chaos Warlord profile and added the terminator armour.  To this I added a Mark of Slannesh to represent his heightened combat ability and the fact that i felt he'd be more 'agile'.  I could have given him claws,  but this didn't quite capture the unique chainfist/lightening claw combo he actually has. Instead I opted for a DaemonWeapon.  The combination of extra attacks,  extra risk of self damage and the instant kill ability seemed to now make my character a much more dangerous proposition and much more fitting the look of the model.

The next challenge? Cypher