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Thursday, 27 January 2011


If you haven't already seen it, yesturday saw Forgeworld launch its new Warhammer Forge branch. Warhammer Fantasy players look set to enjoy dedicated models and a range of addon books in the same vein as the Imperial Armour series.

They are starting with what they know and the first 3 units are available for pre-order, the focus being squarely on Chaos Warriors and Daemons and more specifically Nurgle!

If you've been to the What Armies section of the blog you'll know that a Warriors of Chaos fantasty battle army is very much on my to-do list,  but its going to be a while before I get round to that.  Thankfully in the  Plague Toads (below) I think they've provided some great Chaos Spawn or Beasts of Nurgle alternatives for 40K players too, opening up the number of players who can deploy these cheeky chaps!