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Sunday, 13 February 2011

And now for something completely different.....

As I type this i'm waiting for my first Sword Master of Hoeth's undercoat to dry. I've decided to have a go at painting my share of our Island of Blood christmas gift.

The box set was brought as a duel purpose. Partly to give me a useable copy of the rule book (my main copy  is a collectors editions) and partly to give Charlotte a Skaven army to call her own in order that I can bring her into the fold of WFB players.

Although I was very impressed by the models in the Island of Blood boxed set, I must say I was a bit disappointed that much of the documentation I assumed was 'missing' out of the box was tucked away on the website. GW did themselves no favours by putting these essential cribsheets and scenarios online only as opposed to into a proper little campaign booklet in the box.

Never the less, they are there along with the painting guide that will lead me through my first 'good' model from the Fantasy Bretonian ty Battle universe since a knight i got on the cover of a white dwarf!