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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Heroic Codex?

With the leak of a few spy shots of the new Grey Knight codex, the web is a buzz with rumors discussions and views. As a Grey Knight player for the last 15 months, i've taken a very very keen interest in the new codex. Note that I was a GREY KNIGHT player, not a Daemon hunter player (Even my inquisitor is in a suit of power armour!). So here's my take:

DreadKnights - About the size of a Eldar dreadnought,  styled similar to a penitant engine and played like a gun totting daemon prince. Thats in a nut shell what I think the 40K universe has to deal with when it faces the dreadknight. What will be interesting is where it sits in the balance of cool vs effectiveness. Any Chaos player will tell you that Daemon Princes and Greater Daemons get shot down in seconds due to the enemeies fear of such imposing models, whilst marine units worth two or three times the points ramage free. I'm expecting this to be just the case:  150pts, some nice abilities, but this is no mini-titan!

Something for Everyone - World of Warcraft players will already have gotten the reference in my title. Two years ago a new class was released, a Death Knight. This was a special class that had alot of very flashy abilities, started near the end of the game (level 56 of  possible 80) and was put out as a fun 'alt' for everyone to try, have and enjoy. Increasingly I feel the Grey Knight codex could be filling that role within the 40K universe. Whenever a new release comes out we all say 'ooooh shiny.. I want one of those', but 90% of the time its not really viable unless we already collect the army. In this case though the contents of the GW 'new releases page' could well be a perfectly viable army in its own right.  The existing codex already allowed me to do a 1000pt army in 17 models! When Codex Grey Knights hits the shelves in April its going to be something we are all going to pay attention too!

Progress Report:  Yesturday I began painting the Storm Raven. Things have started going well again and one of the highlights was how well the basecoat and metal hid the previous issues i'd had with paint/glue sludge.

Finally,  as we're on a Grey Knight theme today, here's a picture of my Grey Knight Grand Master: