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Monday, 14 February 2011

Eavy Metal guide.... it worked!

If you checked in a couple of days ago you will have read that I was waiting for my High Elf sword master to dry ready for an attempt at following the Island of Blood painting guide.

Normally I use the 'staining' approach (Base colour, single colour wash, highlight),  but this can be a little on the dark side at times. I've tried several times to do the Eavy metal approach but never with much success,  not so this time!

The top set of images are my model, the bottom ones are the final step of the guide which shows the studios one.  Personally, i was pleased with my effort.... only the rest of the army to go!

(Photos were done properly this time, Charlotte did a full set of images for upcoming days. If you want to hire her for your shots go to:  www.charlottemoss.co.uk for details.)