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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Claimed by Nurgle

We are heading into the big 2011 release season, over the next 3 months we will be exposed to Orcs then Grey Knights and finally Tomb Kings.  But why should the collectors of those armies have all the fun?

During last years Blood Angel release I spotted a model that really lept out to me, and with a quick invocation of Nurgles Rot*, voila!,  Gabriel Seth had fallen to the ruinous powers:

*Nurgles Rot in this case consisted of doing a head swap for the Nurgle champion head found in the Chaos Space Marine boxed set, Then putting Terminator should pads over the top of trimmed down Power Armour ones and filling in the underside with Green Stuff to give a mushroom style effect. The remaining flesh tearer icons with then also covered with green stuff and stippled with a metal pin to give the pox effect. Finally the backpack was removed and replaced with the Champions backpack from the metal Plague Marine boxed set.  

The whole model was then painted using my Plague Marine technique:  Skull white, Camo green, Devlan mud, detail with boltgun metal and tin bitz mainly, devaln mud again, highlight with mithril silver (lightly!).

Basing was even simpler.  Khermi Brown, PVA, Dried mud  (thats a flock box of actual dried mud, not a brand name for anything)

Progress Report:   I'm still painting more high elves... not finished anyone else yet