"When I was a child I played with childish things. Now that I am a man I still play with childish things, just bigger more expensive ones..."

Monday, 18 April 2011

Back to the Orcs

After a weekend of Grey Knight painting and building (I finally treated myself to a boxed set of the Power Armoured Knights) its back to the fantasy era and back to my Orc and Goblin army for tonight's 1500 pts battle against a Skaven horde.

I'll be rolling out a couple of new units to the tried and tested force. An old Skarsnik model steps in as my Night Goblin Great Shaman with my existing model moving over to a fill the role of his apprentice (a level 2).  I will also be exploring the Orc magic with a Orc Great Shaman sharing leadership duties.

Its not all magic though as my Giant gets his first appearance in a while as will my Mangler Squig base.  I've followed the lead of much of the Orc and Goblin community and assumed that GW meant for this to be played as a Dreadnought sized fanatic.  Later this week some i'll get some WIP pictures out of the base, but for those interested its a conversion using the Squig Hound from the old Orc Warhammer Quest expansion, the old Gobbla model and a spare Squig hearder team from back in the day when they were 2 Goblins on a cavalry sized base.

Hopefully this mix of weird and wonderful troops will add some much needed killing power, the question is can i successfully direct it at the right army.....