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Friday, 24 June 2011

A Short Campaign - Introduction

Over the next few weeks I will be engaging in a short Warhammer campaign. The objective was to keep things short and manageable yet still allow for significant campaign events.

In our case this will take the form of Orcs (yay!) vs Tomb Kings (boo!) fighting it out. There is also the possibility of the final battle being expanded to a storm of magic game should time and releases allow.

The Campaign Rules:

Battle 1 - Dawn Attack- 1000pts
Battle 2 - Meeting Engagement - 1750 pts
Battle 3 - The Watchtower - 2500 pts

- Each game uses the army list from the previous game plus any additions needed to raise them to the points cap or replace killed characters or lost items (see below).

- If a named special character is killed in a battle they may not be taken in further battles.

- A magic item wielded by a model that is killed (or flees for banners) can only be taken for the subsequent battle by the winner of the battle in which it was 'dropped'. All normal selection restrictions still apply though.

- Each player adds the number of games he won previously to his deployment and starting role.