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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Short Campaign - Battle 1

The wolf riders regrouped, the unit taking a much needed pause after a long march across the battle field. To the left the units boss could see the two board chariots lumbering up as the greenskins took position surrounding their foe. In front of them the Prince's bodygaurd stood ready, skeletons looking round wondering from which direction the charge would come. At the centre the ancient form of the Tomb Prince himself stood head down muttering some long forgotten chant.
Sensing the moment was right the Wolf Rider boss cleared his throat ready to announce the charge, as he did the skeletons as one all flashed a look towards them. Suddenly with a mighty shuddering the ground between them began to crack and the form of a huge scorpion emerged, such a sight freezing the Goblins in their tracks. Sensing a moment of indecision, the Prince howled his own dread command and the skeletal regiment surged forward springing the trap.

Battle 1 - 1000pts - Dawn Attack
The first engagement of our short campaign would see a scouting force from each side bumping into each other as they each investigated a ruined wizards tower, and what a battle it was! This would always proove to be a very tactical affair with such a low points cost meaning both sides would have few units to call on and some key large items would have to sit it out. The fact that this core will go on and be used in both the next two games also played a part. Finally the choice of scenario, Dawn Attack, added a further twist of uncertainty making this a game about reactive tactics.

Oozugs Orc Scouts
The Orcs force was based around Oozug, a Savage Orc Great Shaman, with a solid bodyguard Savage Orc Big 'uns and a Battle Standard bearer to boot. The remainder of the army was formed of a fast attack group made up of a unit of Wolf Riders and two Boar Chariots. Filling out the army was a Goblin Spear Chucka.

Prince Salazars Tomb Guard
The Tomb Kings army managed significantly more special units. At the heart was Tomb Prince Salazar with his Tomb Guard. Flanking him was the armies Hirophant with a small archer unit for company. A trio of Chariots formed the fast attack core with support coming in the guise of a Tomb Scorpion and a Casket of Souls.

Turn 1 - To War!
The two sides advanced steadily towards each other with the Orc cavalry taking up position. Volleys of magic from both sides attempted to make early gains but at the end only 3 Orcs fell to the barrage.

Turn 2 - The trap is set .. but wait ..what's that!
The Orcs opened by positioning themselves ready for a three sided charge on the tomb guards and backed it up with both magical and artillery casualties. However at the key point the Tomb Scorpion leapt from the earth and in conjunction with some unexpected swiftness the Tomb Kings managed to pre-empt the Orcs with an early counter charge, causing the retreat of two thirds of the cavalry block

Turn 3 - The Orc's dig in
With the plan in tatters it was down to those units that were left to salvage what they could while the Tomb Kings tried to capitalise. The resilience of the Chariots proved crucial with the Hirophant and his guards suddenly finding themselves being whittled down by boar and the crew alike. Elsewhere the Tomb Guard caught and finished off the remaining chariot but found themselves decidedly out of position as a result. Finally the Orcs summoned the Gork himself to put the savage Orcs right behind the undead chariots

Turn 4 - Whaagh!
With push from the Orcs the Hirophant fell unleashing a chariot and putting them on the back foot. The Savage Orcs smashed the chariots under their own charge while the plucky goblins pumped yet another bolt into the Tomb Guard. The Tomb King force began to falter with the now wounded scorpion crumbling to dust. As a closing volley the Casket continued to erode the Savage Orcs but not enough to cause concern. 

Turn 5 - A final charge
With the Tomb Guard finally in position to ready for a charge the Orcs managed their own counter and the Boar Chariot finally got to charge.. for all the good it did.  A minor scuffle left no clear winner as darkness fell.

End Victory for the Orcs!
With the Hirophant dead, his force crumbling, Prince Salazar took the chance to lead his force away under the falling dusk to regroup. The Orcs gathered around the ancient tower looking on curiously as Oozug routed about whooping with delight. In the background the Wolf Riders skulked back aware they had quit the field prematurely

Conclusion - A game of surprise
A game that offered surprise after surprise and a result that surprised both generals, especially after the Orcs game breaking charge tactic was stopped in its tracks. The result ultimately relied upon the units that were killed. The Tomb Guard may have been a tough nut to crack, but their total points claim for the day was a mere one chariot, meanwhile the Chariots, a Hirophant, the Archers and the Scorpion were enough to offset the loss of the cowardly Wolf Riders. Both sides will now rearm ready for battle 2. With no characters and no magic items lost there was minimal long term effects of the game, so its all square next time out!