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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A Short Campaign - Battle 2

Shielding their eyes from the sun the goblins loaded another bolt into the machine, winched back the cord and with an almighty twang let it fly. Far in the distance a huge stone creature shifted to one side as the bolt sailed comfortably clear. 
"Isa massif stone fing, how'd ya mis dat?" Exclaimed the loader to the aimer.
"'snot my fault! Mus be does bolts! bet day'z bent or summit.." came the reply.
The third member of the crew sat back enjoying a momentary respite from the battle. Suddenly he caught wind of a strange sound behind him, a mix of creaking bone with an insectoid hiss. He spun round to see the hideous skeletal scorpion bearing down on them.
"Er... ladz. We got a problem..  and 'es a bit closer dis time!"

Battle 1 - 1750pts - Meeting Engagement
The second battle of the campaign would see both armies return to the fallen wizards tower but this time with much stronger forces in order to try to secure it. However with no time to spare the armies engaged immediately. For the second time the armies would have to react to a scenario that messed with their deployment but this time with much more of the core force on the table and the showpiece monsters starting to make their appearance.

Oozugs Orc Horde
Oozug the Savage Orc Shaman once again lead his force from battle 1. The additions for this game were 30 Black Orcs, a Mangler Squig and an Arachnarok with Flingga

Prince Salazars Coven
The dread Tomb Prince would bolster his force with a holy coven. A trio of liche priests now took to the table with the skeleton archers and the chariots both doubling up their numbers. A massive War Sphinx would also accompany the force.

Turn 1 - Close 'em in!
The deployment saw the Orcs pressing up-against the deployment edge keen to get as close as they could, whilst the Tomb Kings sat back in the far corner. The Orcs took the chance to encircle the main host with the Wolf Riders taking up a key flanking role. With no combat and little magic only a lowly bolt shot through 4 lines of skeletons gave tell of the carnage to come.

Turn 2 - Setting the Trap
Turn 2 was much the same affair with the Tomb Kings still off guard due to the deployment and the Orcs very carefully setting up for their charge. The winds of magic blew ever more subtly giving little time for spells,  not that this bothered Oozug who was caught up in his units own squabbles. Just across the field the mangler Squig fell to the floor full of arrows.

Turn 3 - Chaaaarge!
After two turns of waiting turn 3 was when the battle came to life. The Wolf Riders and both Boar Chariots charged the Tomb Prince and unit, whilst the Savage Orcs pulled off a coup by making it to the newly arrived Skeletal Chariots. The Tomb Kings responded with a counter charge of the Warsphinx into the Black Orcs. Meanwhile the Tomb Scorpion tried to charge the Bolt Thrower and got a spear through the head as repayment. Magic bolstered the Tomb Kings force enough to stop it succumbing to the charge but the casualties were heavy as greenskin and skeleton set about each other.

Turn 4 - Why won't you die!
As the fighting continued the Orc's that had been within a few attacks of victory, now found themselves running out of attacks and resource while all around them the tomb kings managed to revive just fast enough to keep them busy. The Black Orcs were the first to crumble followed by the Savage Orcs whilst on the other side of the table the Tomb Princes body guard finally secumbed.

Turn 5 - The Kings are Dead
With both generals destroyed Turn 5 saw the both armies dig-in for a savage end. After having seen off the might of the Savage Orcs the remaining chariot was ignominiously destroyed by another critical bolt thrower shot, the plucky goblins proving their worth! Elsewhere the Warsphinx and Arachnarok commenced in a titanic fight.  In the top corner the Wolf Riders added another kill to their tally as they killed one of the Liche Priests while the remaining chariot got stuck into the archers protecting the Heirophant, dealing a surprising amount of damage

Turn 6 - The Rise of the Dead
As the final turn kicked off the Orcs suddenly saw hope of victory fade. The Warsphinx got the better of the Arachnarok and then went on to finish off the plucky bolt thrower. Meanwhile the Wolf riders got their final trophy (the Casket of Souls) but in doing so managed to get their own chariot detonated.

End Victory for the Tomb Kings !
Despite a hugely successful tally of kills for them, the Wolf Riders were all that was left of the Orc force. While heavily damaged enough of the Tomb kings had survived to take a decisive win. As dusk fell the Liche Priests put the next part of their plan into action starting a terrible ritual that would turn this lowly ruined wizards tower into a confluence point for the magical energies from far around. The wolf riders slipped away eager to warn the warboss, only he could lead them to victory now. As magic swelled Salazar rose form the ground again, though unseen to all a green shape, bedeked in tribal feathers also crawled away from the battle field to regain his strength.

Conclusion - Close but not quite
The game was a true brawl in the end with the balance of power swinging wildly and both generals enjoying times of near certain victory and defeat. The final reckoning came down to the Orc's inability to smash through at a critical point and finish off units. Just one 'spare' unit would have tipped the balance in subsequent combats but it wasn't to be. As the game wore on the continual rebuffing of the Tomb Kings lead to a rapid regaining of troops almost as quickly as the Orc's could kill them. A comeback of extraordinary proportions from the Khemrians

Next Time......
Its a 3000 point Storm of Magic fest as the Orc's fight to quash Salazar's attempt at his own Night of the Dead.