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Friday, 18 November 2011

Grand Master Mordrak and Ghost Knights

Finally the planets have aligned and the prophecy is fulfilled..... Yes its true, I've got round to uploading some pictures again!

If you look back you may recognise my old Grey Knight Grand Master. Well with the new book out, I redid some of my existing models and this one felt like it could be so much more. Now he''s been remade into Grand Master Mordrak complete with three Ghost Knights.

Mordrak himself is the identifiable Space Marine Chaplain in Terminator armour. He's been added to with two metal arms from old Grey Knight Terminators and one of these has been further modified with a Daemon Hammer from the current plastic kit. Finally his back banner is from the Empire Flagellants kit.

The Ghost Knights are three very old Grey Knight bodies i'd collected over time. I felt they needed using for something special. The old models can lack detail so they were all equipped with arms and shoulder pads from the new Grey Knight Terminator kits.  The whole squad also got one of the spare tilt plate sets that was left over after I built my Paladins (i'll show them soon). They were painted by base coating white then a 50/50 mix of Green and Blue wash was applied.

...And yes,  we have got a new backdrop for shooting models against :)