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Monday, 24 October 2011

Kill Team Evening + House Rules

Last night I finally managed to get round to playing some small kill team matches. In only a couple of hours we managed to get no fewer than 3 fairly full games in.

Game 1 - Chaos Space Marines vs Blood Angel
A Dreadnought and five marines faced off against a full tactical squad of Baal's finest. Despite early casualties the Chaos troops held on and slowly whittled away a Blood Angel force that struggled to take advantage of their superiority of numbers. Despite having bolters, melta guns and missile launchers raining down fire the dreadnought survived and at about 60% causalities the Space Marines opted to withdraw leaving the field to Chaos

Game 2 - Chaos Space Marines vs Blood Angels
Although drawn from the same lists two different armies came forth. From Chaos came 4 assault terminators whilst the Blood Angels fielded a scout and tactical squad supported by and attack bike. This time the loyalists wasted no time and soon cut the chaos number from four to two then two to one with only minor causalities to themselves. However as the game wore on the remaining terminator managed to work through the assault squad them move from scout to scout within a nearby building. Just as he neared pushing the Blood Angels to their own morale check, the forces of chaos withdrew their champion from the field.

Game 3 - Tyranids vs Orks
Three Lictors would face up against a full horde of Orks boasting nearly ten times their number. Early on, as the first Lictor appeared, the advantage seemed to be with the Orks, as they took care of the creature only loosing two gretchin in the process. However the Hive mind adapted and the subsequent two Lictors took a much more cautious approach drawing the Orks to them. As the bugs moved through the horde the Orks closed ranks to try to bring them down in close combat. Though heavily wounded the two creatures emerged victorious and fled the scene, sensing the resolve of the remaining Orks was close to faltering. Moments later it did as the few standing greenskins 'legged it' to get more lads.

House Rule - Squads
An interesting question came up about the use of rules that affect the whole squad (in this case a chaos icon). We resolved it by saying that a model counts as benefitting from his such things only if they are positioned such that they would count as being in unit coherency in normal rules. This means Icons and banners can provide support to close by models, but those that go it alone must do without its help.

House Rule - Multiple Fire
If shooting a multi shot weapon (inc Rapid fire). Shots can be assigned to more than one model. however each model successively assigned a shot must be within 3 inches of the previous model. This old Necromunda rule help simulate firing a stream of bullets at multiple but still close targets.

House Rule - Assaulting Multiple People
If a model shoots more than 1 target and they don't die then the model can assault both models (if he can make base contact with both at the same time). In all other cases you can only assault a single model unless they are in an assault themselves.

Game Setup - Coffee Table Kill Teams
Kill team as normal but using a single Realm of Battle tile and the scenery from a full Imperial sector set. Ultra dense terrain but easily fits into onto a coffee table for time when you want to play a quick skirmish in front of the telly.