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Monday, 5 December 2011

In Amongst the Beasts

This past weekend the daemons faced their latest challenge as they pitted themselves against the newest army of our gaming group, a fledgling Beastman force.

Starting small with 1500pts a side, both forces were still able to field a solid force. The Beastmen opting for 4 solid blocks of troops with a giant and swarm of shaman in support, whilst the Daemons held a core of Plaguebearers with assorted Tzenntchlings in support all lead by a daemon prince, Epidemus and The Changling.

The early part of the battle was a straightforward affair with both sides rushing forward to engage. The Beastmen keen to engage the core of the daemon force before the Tallymans abilities came to the fore, managed to get stuck in nice and early. The critical delay of the supporting Nurglings alongside some confident challenging from the warlord managed to dent Nurgles finest early on.

As the combat in the centre raged other units formed around the outside ready to contribute, however just as horrors and Gors charged in the Plaguebearers succumbed to the beasts fury resulting in a caving of the daemonic lines.

The remainder of the game would prove to be a mopping up affair with the daemon prince claiming the Beastmens giant and the Flamers singeing a fair few of their number also.

Ultimately it had been about a central fight that proved the tipping point, this time it had gone the Beastmens way, but with both sides now much more educated about the other, who knows what would happen next time out.

Hobby Progress:
At present work has resumed on the warhound titan after having to spend much of my weekend hobbying time re-gluing my savage orc boar boys following GW’s glue fail.