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Thursday, 19 January 2012

2012 and what it brings....

I've been meaning to put in new post for a couple of weeks now but wanted to avoid the normal 'welcome to the new year' entry that everyone else does. Instead the plan was to open with some more pictures from last years hobbying or even some insight into some of the gaming I've been doing recently. However for a variety of reasons (*cough* Skyrim, WoW, Vampire Counts *cough*), this has not happened. So whats new and what are the aims for 2012?

Vampire CountsI had a small army before christmas that I had no real intention of focusing on. Now I have a new big army thats right at the heart of my trio of warhammer armies (joining my Daemons and Orcs). The new models are excellent and the opening performance on an interesting 1v1v1 game last week was promising (of which more in a later article).

DaemonsFrom concept to well equipped force in just a couple of months. I was only the start of the winter when I first had a go at adding some daemons as my pact in a Strom of Magic game and who could have forseen this. I large Tzeentch themed force is now taking shape with numerous concepts and counts as too boot. A fuller look into these in a seperate article later.

Titan SagaWhere once a foot sat now a full leg assembly is present. The onlging saga of building my titan sits stuck at the point where i need to paint the interior. It will get done, but when, who knows?

Marines by the bucketloadAt the moment my Nurgle marine army is somewhat mothballed awaiting the new 40K release in which i'm expecting nurgle to get some love. The Grey Knights sit waiting for painting and the start of the pre-herasy ultramarines still still with the rest of my titan in my resins box. Like GW 40K has slipped into the background in the last few months with a Irons Hands kill team being the only development there.

and on top of that i might even get some games played.....