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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Tzeentch Marines .... and we're back!

So its been a while,  and I've got two choices here.  1) Ramble on about how I've been busy and planning to post more now etc etc etc.  Or, 2) Just summaries by saying my current army of choice is a new 40K Tzeentch Marine army and crack right one with showing of pictures of the work in progress.......

First off is the sorcerer that will be leading my Thousand Son / Rubric Marines.  He's a conversion of the new Space Marine single frame Librarian with a shoulder pad from the Thousand Sons conversion kit, head from Max Mini and the flame is from the Burning Chariot set.
Next up is my Maulerfiend. This is the GW Arachnarok with spare parts I had from the Forgefiend / Maulerfiend kit after I built up the former.

Finally I have my daemon prince. Technically with Daemonic Flight, although shown here on the disk from the Burning Chariot set.  The main model is from Meirce Minautes (aka Banelords).