"When I was a child I played with childish things. Now that I am a man I still play with childish things, just bigger more expensive ones..."

Sunday, 16 March 2014

"So..... what's the deal, been painting? got any new models to show?"

Dam right I do!

First up is the now painted Thousand Sons Sorcerer that was previously detailed. Very pleased with how he came out!  For details on how I built him, check out the earlier post here

Following him we have the prototype for the gold/blue style that I've adopted. This model was painted nearly two years ago.

Last weekend I got one with some serious kit bashing. I built myself a counts as Kharn the Betrayer for the Tzenntch army.  This guy consist of:
Legs / Right Shoulder- MkIII Iron amour from Forgeworld
Chest back - Grey Knight Strike Marine from GW
Chest Front / Left Shoulder / Backpack - Thousand Son Conversion kit from GW
Arms - Chaos Space Marine from GW
Pistol - Old plasma pistol from Raptors GW (OOP)
Flame sword - Clipped from one of the parts of the Burning Chariot from GW
Head - Legion Tank Commanders from Forgeworld

Over the holidays I started a Dark Elf army.  They have become my fantasy battle focus and first model completed with Shadowblade.

Second model completed with my Sorcerer. The vast majority of the model is made from the spare I had left over from my chariot after I built it in the Scourgerunner variant. The additions are flames from that burning chariot kit (yes they've all come from the same single kit!). I've also added a staff tip made from an unused Darkshard horn and a collar from an unused banner top.