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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Space Krell

The latest development is that it seems at long last my hunt for a 30K / Horus Heresy army has taken a massive step forward.

I'm presently painting up a test model for the armies general and I'm doing it in Imperial Fist colours.

So a word about the model.  He's a Kit-bash as you'd expect. Originally built as a leader of a Blood Angels assault team. Quite by accident though I also noted recently that he's a very good likeness of Krell (WFB Vampire Counts), but in 40K garb.  See the comparison for yourself.

For those interested. The model is made up for the following:

Head -  FW Minotaur's Chaplin head
Body, Shoulders, Arms, Weapon - GW Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard
Legs, Backpack - FW MkII Assault Marine

It'll be a little while before he's done. But so far so good!