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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Go Team!

This weekend i'm taking a divert off of my armies and i'm going to be putting some effort into my bloodbowl team.   During last week a couple of my regular opponents for full games got talking about different games that are out there and a couple of us share the conclusion that the BloodBowl rule set is probably one of the best games that GW have ever produced.

It can credit this to a set of rules that allow for both fast paced and strategic action, to a campaign system that allows you to grow a team right through to the endless modelling and hobbying possibilities all within a very managable and affordable scope.

In my case it allows me to scrath two itches at once as my bloodbowl team of choice is the Orcs, so i can get my fix of all the latest GW Orcyness without shifting to much focus away from my current large projects.

More pics soon,  the models for the first 11 still need to be dug out of their various boxes, stripped and pulled together!