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Monday, 28 February 2011

Green, Mean and not quite finished yet

I've spent the weekend repainting my Orc Bloodbowl team in anticipation of some more matches in the coming days,weeks and months.

The team is primarily made up of models form the 1988 version of the game with a couple of more modern models to bulk the team up to the latest rule sets,  namely 3 goblins and a troll. I've been very pleased with the technique i've been using which is a variant of what I learned doing the high elves from the GW painting guide.

I'll get some pictures up when a few more models are completed, in the mean time here's one of the illustrations from the old 2nd edition book to inspire you to pick up a team of your own.  It was this image that inspired me to go with the Orcs all those years ago.  Ironically I ended up going for an Orcland Raiders team though*

*Eagle eyed readers will note the team badge clearly denotes this Orc as a member of The Gouged Eye team