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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Going Native

Sometimes Games Workshop are a hobbyists worst enemy.  At the end of last year I had a very clear plan for 2011: No more new models for 6 months, take the time to paint up all my unfinished models, then celebrate by splashing out on something big come my 30th BD in july,  namely a Warhound titan.

However the dark forces in Nottingham clearly had other ideas.  From the Grey Knight codex to Forgeworlds new Nurgle models and now the new Orc & Goblin book, this spring GW seem to have targeted my very favourite forces. I at least thought I was safe with the Orcs, after all there have been no major new additions to the roster since the mid 90's......

Wrong!  The new Greenskins broke cover today and what a treat they are.  I think a few people expected to see some old variants like the Savage Orc Boar Boys return and a Savage Orc plastic kit was a missing link in the range,  a new character on this bent is not a massive surprise either.  The introduction of a new goblin special unit was a nice touch and normally we'd be raving about how goblin assassins will impact on the game and how will this new addition will change the dynamic of the greenskin force.

What hadn't reckoned on was what can only be described as a huge freaking spider monster/troop/tank/thing!  The lowly forest goblin has just seen itself grow in status and to the point where they are now on par with their hooded, fanatic wielding cousins. I can't be the only person who spent a small slice of this afternoon planning an all forest goblin spider rider army*.

Don't get me wrong, i'm a big fan of the current trend of doing a large showpiece model for each army, but they aren't making it easy for those of us that want to control our collecting and had a good intentioned plan to catch up on our painting... dam you GW, dam you!!

* £164 - 1x Forest Goblin Warboss on Gigantic Spider, 4x forest Goblin Spider Riders,  2x Araknarok (1 with shamen, 1 with tribe)