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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Game Report: Bloodbowl - Orcs v Dwarves

Full Time: Orcs 1-1 Dwarves

Slow start with the dwarves taking 5 turns in the first half to give up the ball, but a lucky throw in from the crowd meant that the Orcs snuck a cheeky TD in turn 6. No time for the Dwarves to equalise before the half, but they did manage to put the Troll out of action for a bit.

Second half was much more action packed. The Orcs line made good inroads as the half started but a the Thrower struggled and managed to fail to pick up the ball on 2 successive turns (thats 4 rolls failed!). The dwarves ran(!) down the pitch and scopped up the ball for the equaliser.

With 6 turns on the clock and a 1-1 scoreline the Orcs started with the ball again. This time they did manage to control the ball and with the Troll back of the bench made a solid move for the endzone. A fumbled goblin pass gave up the ball though and the Dwarves were able to break through the line and push towards the endzone. A last gasp double team form a sprinting troll got the ball back with 2 yards to go and a black orc long bomb got the ball back up to the goblin receiver at the far end again. Alas the dwarves could not bring him down with their last man but redemption was at hand as the plucky greenskin tripped sprinting for the line as the final seconds ticked away so ending any chance of breaking the deadlock.