"When I was a child I played with childish things. Now that I am a man I still play with childish things, just bigger more expensive ones..."

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A New Chapter

There are many armies in my collection (obviously),  but few have caused me as many issues as my Dark Angels.

I'll spare you the story, but suffice to say that through the last 12 months I have ended up with a 2000pt plus Dark Angel army of which virtually nothing is painted. In that last 12 months many prospective paint schemes, army plans and approaches have been tested and passed over. For some reason I just can't seem to find a identity and paint scheme that works for these guys!

But this weekends latest attempt finally hit something solid.  I'll wait until the final elements come together in the next week or so before doing a proper launch but as a teaser here's the character I was working on last night. If all goes well this should be something a bit special.