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Sunday, 7 August 2011

1000pts: Orks vs Grey Knights

Once again the Orks found victory in the field of battle against the Grey Knights. (That's twice in as many weeks, by the way).

A small, elite force faced the Orks. A Storm Raven containing five Terminators and a Librarian and a Razorback with five Marines. The Orks however were on top form with their massed Mechanized army. A Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun, 'Ard Boyz with a Weirdboy in tow, Grot Tanks, Lootas, Killa Kans, Deffkoptas and finally some sweet little Grots.

The Storm Raven swooped in on the first turn, depositing the five Terminators and Librarian. They took out the entirety of the 'Ard Boyz mob and most disappointingly the Weirdboy on the first turn through shooting and close combat. I was looking forward to seeing what the Weirdboy could do, but better luck next time.

I thought that my luck was out and the Terminators would just rampage through my army, ripping them to shreds. However the tide turned, and my five Lootas got off a barrage of fifteen shots that made short work of the Storm Raven, with a Vehicle Destroyed result on the first turn. An expensive piece of scenery remained. The Grots took out a Terminator (not bad for 30 points worth of models!). The Killa Kans closed in on the Terminator unit for close combat and held them there for the rest of the game, slowly picking them off one by one.

The next turn the Orks used their Kustom Mega Blastas extensively, and soon found themselves destroying the Razorback, forcing the Marines to disembark. The Marines did no damage in their third turn, but were wiped out by the aforementioned Kustom Mega Blasta before they could take a fourth turn.

Win was by default, the remaining Librarian in close combat could not have wiped out the army in the remaining two turns.

Let this be a lesson (again). Beware of taking an extremely small and elite army against Orks. Their ability to hit things might stink, but the sheer volume of shots they have can easily make up for this shortcoming.