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Monday, 26 September 2011

Games Day 2011 - Part 1 - The Swag

Although having only been for the first time this year, its easy to get a quick appreciation of how important the limited and early edition models are to the Games Day public.

After my first outing I came away with the following items of note:
- MK III Boarding Commander (Forgeworld 2011 Show Exclusive)
- Tarmurkhan The Throne of Chaos (Early Release & Signed)
- Archeon the Everchoosen on Foot (2004 Ticket Model)
- Chaos Scorcerer (2010 Ticket Model)
- Chaos Champion (2008 Ticket Model)
- Wight King Standard Bearer (Forgeworld Unnanounced Early Release)

Sadly I didn't have the forsight to pick up the other 2011 Forgeworld Show Exclusive, The Chaos Dwarf, as following my first sweep of Tarmurkhan and combined Chaos Dwarf and Warriors of Chaos army is an appealing prospect.

Photos soon, once i've uploaded them.